A short film by Jane Cho

One little girl. One giant egg.

Day after dull day, under the punishing and watchful eye of an elderly woman, a young girl, bored and lonely in a muted world of foreign suburbia, becomes determined to claim a large Easter egg as her own. No matter the cost.

Jane Cho

Jane Cho is a first-generation Korean-Australian – born in Seoul and raised in Sydney. Jane studied classical violin and piano at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and has worked and travelled as a professional violinist over the past 15 years. 
Recently, Jane decided to put her music aside to pursue her passion for film and story. Since then, Jane has worked on writer/director, Abe Forsythe’s feature films DOWN UNDER (Damon Herriman; Alex England) and LITTLE MONSTERS (Lupita Nyong’o; Josh Gad); as well as most recently working on THE DRY (based on the novel by Jane Harper and starring Eric Bana). Jane is now currently working under producers, Jodi Matterson, Bruna Papandrea and Steve Hutensky at Made Up Stories, Australia, where they are in production for the Australian feature film, Penguin Bloom (Naomi Watts; Andrew Lincoln). 

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